The EASY INSPECTRA network survey vehicle is perfectly adapted for the constraints of leak detection in densely urbanized areas, providing access to city centers and pedestrian areas. It revolutionizes the very concept of network survey by combining detection from a vehicle with detection on foot.

Installed on board a compact size vehicle, the electric Twizy by RENAULT, the EASY INSPECTRA system integrates all GAZOMAT™ ‘s latest innovations.

  • An ultra-flexible survey system: possibility to alternate with no breaks between vehicle and on foot leak detection
  • Bluetooth communication
  • A single driver/operator: It provides an economic alternative to on-foot survey
  • Survey speed up to 20 km/h
  • Wide operating range of 50 km in survey mode: Battery recharging takes only 3.5 hours with 220V
  • Highly maneuverable, The EASY INSPECTRA allows easy access to pavements and narrow streets
  • Total traceability of surveys with the NGS Software
  • Superior detection performances, below 1 ppm sensitivity and total methane selectivity with the INSPECTRA® laser analyzer
  • Environmental-friendly, electric vehicle with zero carbon dioxide emissions
  • System adaptable to any small vehicles such as quad bikes and other similar vehicles.