The VSR INSPECTRA® is a natural gas distribution network survey vehicle with the exclusive laser spectroscopy analyzer and an integrated GPS system. It meets all productivity, reliability and traceability requirements of gas operators and its performance in leak detection is below 1 ppm sensitivity and ensures total methane selectivity.

  • Methane high sensitivity, below 1 ppm
  • Shortest response time in leak detection, with less than 1.5 seconds
  • Integrated INSPECTRA® laser spectroscopy analyzer offers total selectivity to methane
  • Survey speed up to 40 km/h
  • Traceability of surveys with the NGS software installed on a tablet or laptop PC and controlling the integrated GPS receiver and the INSPECTRA® analyzer
  • Real-time visualization of VSR and gas leaks on screen displayed map
  • User-friendly interface with the NGS software
  • Automatic recording of all survey data and report generation at the end of each mission
  • GPS and mapping functions
  • Multilingual system for worldwide use
  • Compact-design equipment, easy to adapt to any type of vehicles

Delivered with consumables for 2 years operation