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Browse our high performance devices for gas network survey, emergency response, indoor and outdoor leak detection, atmospheric control, and individual protection

Highly sensitive, methane selective gas detector with laser spectroscopy technology for accurate leak detection and location on gas pipelines.


GAZOSCAN™, is a handheld remote methane detector (RMD).  This laser-based RMD is easy to use, highly sensitive and easily detects at 100 meters (330 feet) away ...


The VSR INSPECTRA® is a natural gas distribution network survey vehicle with the exclusive laser spectroscopy analyzer and an integrated ...


NGMesh is a methane emissions monitoring system which provides 24/7 monitoring, on-site surveys, report preparation and data storage.  GAZPOD uses ...


CATEX™ 3 gas detection device is GAZOMAT™'s latest generation explosimeter-catharometer. This high precision detection technology ...

Gas Survey Software (GPS Tablet shown)

Gas network survey software for total traceability of inspections utilized in combination with the GAZOMAT INSPECTRA® detection systems.

VSR INSPECTRA® - Compact Kit

Full capability gas network survey system mounted in an even more compact structure for small size vehicles use for easy access to urban areas.


The GAZOTRACK 4, multigas detector. This new generation handheld device can detect four gases at the same time- offering an all in one solution...