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Browse our high performance devices for methane/biomethane emission monitoring, gas network and installation survey, emergency response, indoor and outdoor leak detection and for explosion hazard assessment.

The INSPECTRA® MAX is a methane leak portable analyzer with laser spectroscopy. This NEW highly sensitive detector offers all the advantages of optical detection in a compact format.


GAZOSCAN™, is a handheld remote methane detector (RMD).  This laser-based RMD is easy to use, highly sensitive and easily detects at 100 meters (330 feet) away.


Natural gas network survey vehicle with an exclusive laser methane detection system for accurate and high-speed monitoring of underground gas pipelines.


NGMesh is a methane emissions monitoring system which provides 24/7 monitoring, on-site surveys, report preparation and data storage.


Explosimeter-catharometer, certified to latest ATEX standards, for flammable gas leak confirmation and explosion risk assessment, both indoors and outdoors.

Gas Network Survey Software

NEW exclusive gas network survey software for fast, easy and fully traceable inspections conducted from a vehicle with the INSPECTRA® detection system.

INSPECTRA® System – Compact Kit

Highly compact detection system for installation in small size carriers making it possible to monitor hazardous or difficult-to-access areas.